A National Care Service – Reforming the Way We Deliver Care in Scotland

10:00 - 11:00

The (COVID-19) pandemic, restricted access to social care and support services. This highlighted  areas of social care that require improvement in the future to ensure that every person has access to high quality support services regardless of where they live in Scotland.

In response, the Scottish Government commissioned the Independent Review of Adult Social Care, a key recommendation of which was a National Care Service, with accountability for adult social care sitting with Scottish Ministers, to help better deliver the improvements that can be achieved through consistent integration of health and social care.

In this session, Kevin Stewart, MSP Minister for Mental Wellbeing and Social Care and Professor Alex McMahon, Chief Nursing Officer will share their thoughts on the Scottish Government’s proposals for a National Care Service. These proposals are ambitious and aim to create historic change to the provision of care, putting Human rights at the heart of a new person-centred service that enables people to live fulfilled lives.

Kevin Stewart MSP

Minister for Mental Wellbeing and Social Care, Scottish Government

Before Kevin's election to the Scottish Parliament, he was previously the Depute Leader of Aberdeen City Council and served as a local councillor for more than eleven years. As a councillor, he chaired the Finance and Resources Committee and the North East of Scotland's Regional Transport Partnership, NESTRANS.

Donna Bell

Director of Mental Wellbeing and Social Care, Scottish Government

Donna is Director of Mental Wellbeing and Social Care at Scottish Government.

Professor Graham Ellis

Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Scottish Government

Professor Graham Ellis is a Geriatrician who has worked in Hospital at Home services since 2011.

Alex McMahon

Chief Nursing Officer, Scottish Government

Professor Alex McMahon is Chief Nursing Officer for Scotland and Director of the CNO Directorate in Scottish Government. He took up post on the January 2022.