Since March 2020, NHS Scotland and its partners across health and social care have risen to the challenge of dealing with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The NHS was put on an emergency footing – maintaining urgent care, flexing capacity from paused services to meet demand and developing innovative ways of working.

Those working across health and social care have shown incredible resolve and flexibility, in many cases being deployed into new roles and into new ways of working across our health and social care system. 

There’s never been a better time to recognise and acknowledge the achievements and success of those working in health and social care during this challenging period.

The Scottish Health Awards recognise, not only, the outstanding contribution of frontline health and social care workers but also shines a light on those who work so hard behind the scenes in support roles to ensure Scotland has the highest standard of health and care services.

We want to know about the people who have genuinely made a difference to your life or to the lives of your family or friends. It might be an individual or a team who have provided outstanding care to their patients or those who are in jobs that normally don't have a high profile and who generally should be recognised for their commitment.

  • Tell us about your healing hero and/or the teams they work in
  • Tell us what they were trying to achieve
  • Tell us what they did that was so special
  • Tell us what difference it made to the person being cared for?

There are sixteen award categories including a People’s Choice Award which will be open to a public vote from 13 September.

  1. Support Worker Award (sponsored by UNISON NHS Lothian Branch)
  2. Innovation Award (sponsored by NHS Research & SHIL)
  3. Volunteers Award
  4. Midwife Award (sponsored by Royal College of Midwives)
  5. Allied Health Professional Award
  6. Young Achiever Award
  7. Unsung Hero Award
  8. Care for Mental Health Award
  9. Integrated Care Award
  10. Tackling Health Inequalities Award (sponsored by Scottish Government)
  11. Leader of the Year Award
  12. Nurse Award (sponsored by Unison Greater Glasgow & Clyde)
  13. Doctor Award
  14. Top Team Award (sponsored by UNISON Scotland Health Committee)
  15. Global Citizenship Award
  16. People’s Choice Award (sponsored by Alpha Solway)

Please take the time to nominate someone you believe deserves to be recognised across the sixteen award categories for this year.

While we expect that COVID-19 will again feature across the majority of the award categories, the People’s Choice Award specifically recognises our individuals and teams who have responded so magnificently to the challenge of caring for people during the pandemic, while at the same time maintaining a range of essential services and continuing to provide essential care.

The People’s Choice Award will be put to a public vote after nominations close on 26 August and when our judging panel have selected the most inspiring nominations, you’ll be able to vote for your winner in this category.

We’ll announce the finalists in the other categories on 4 October and all winners – including the winner of the People’s Choice Award – will be announced on 4 November at the awards ceremony.

Submit your nominations for the Scottish Health Awards 2021 online by 5pm on 26 August at