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Project Lift

Project Lift is a collaboration between the Scottish Government, NHS Education for Scotland, and other NHS Scotland Boards. It is a single team and digital platform supporting the development of leadership capability and capacity to transform health and care. It is creating formal and informal partnerships with local health and care systems in Scotland, and connecting with a variety of public, private, charitable and academic organisations to allow the broadest range of opportunity and thinking for our people and our services.

Our goal is to establish a system-wide approach to identifying, supporting, enhancing and growing leadership talent at all levels in order to transform health and social care services in Scotland and improve the experience of our people. Specifically, we aim to:

articulate, promote and develop key leadership attributes within health and social care in Scotland demonstrating the importance of values and insight as well as ability and ambition;

  • create the skills, behaviours, and culture to realise the ambitions of the Health and Social Care Delivery Plan;
  • support a talent pipeline of our highest potential people and visible succession planning to our most senior roles within health and social care in Scotland; and
  • make boards and local authorities responsible for delivering health and social care services in Scotland exemplar employers of proud, fulfilled and engaged staff.