Posters FAQs

Data Permissions

Please note that when you are uploading your abstract you will be asked to give express permission for:

  • your abstract form to be shared with shortlisters; and
  • the NHS Scotland Event Poster Lead to make contact with you about whether or not your abstract was successful.

Due to the changes to data protection legislation in 2018, please ensure that permission boxes in the online poster abstract system have been completed. Where relevant permissions have not been given, the abstract will not be accepted.

Who can submit poster abstracts?

Submissions are welcome from NHS Scotland employees, our voluntary and partner organisations, and other public or private sector organisations on any aspect of work they are undertaking in, with or on behalf of NHS Scotland.

How do I submit an abstract?

The Call for Posters Guide contains all the relevant guidelines and information on submitting abstracts.

What happens if my abstract is shortlisted?

The named contacts on the abstract form will be notified by email whether the abstract has been successful on Wednesday 25 February 2019

Are there any specific requirements for the design of my poster?

The Poster Design Guide contains information and tips on designing your poster. Please note that your poster must be designed in portrait layout and size A0 – 841mm x 1189mm. The Event organisers reserve the right to reject posters supplied in landscape format.

How do I display my poster at the Event?

The Event Team will email you in advance to confirm your poster board number. You will be required to bring a hard copy of your poster  to the venue and poster authors will have access to the exhibition hall on Wednesday 29 May between 16:00 and 18:00 hours to hang their poster and velcro will be provided. If your allocated poster board is not ready, you can leave your poster with one of the Event staff who will hang it for you. All posters must be displayed on their dedicated poster board by no later than 09:00 hours on Thursday 30 May.

Do I need to register for the Event if I’m displaying a poster?

Yes, you should register as a:

  • Poster Presenter -  if you intend to present your poster during the programmed Facilitated Poster Presentations and networking/refreshment breaks, but will not be participating in any parallel, spotlight and plenary sessions. Please note that you are not required to register for the Facilitated Poster Session that you are presenting in.
  • Poster Presenter & Delegate - if you intend to present your poster during the programmed Facilitated Poster Presentations and also participate in parallel, spotlight and plenary sessions. Please note that you are not required to register for the Facilitated Poster Session that you are presenting in.

I am a poster author – what is expected of me during the networking and refreshment breaks?

During the morning and afternoon refreshment breaks and lunchtimes, delegates will be exploring the exhibition hall, including the poster exhibition. Poster authors are asked to be situated beside their posters and available to answer any questions or provide additional information to delegates as required.

I am a poster author – what is expected of me during the Facilitated Poster Presentations?

Facilitated Poster Presentations will feature as part of the Event Programme with a number of dedicated time slots available during the course of the Event with the expectation that poster authors will present their poster at one of these slots. NB: Each poster author will only be required to present at one of these slots. During your dedicated presentation slot, you will deliver a short presentation of your work and respond to questions from the small group of delegates who will be guided by a skilled facilitator. Participation in the Facilitated Poster Presentations does not impact on the judging process.

Will I know when the judging is taking place?

All posters will be judged prior to the Event based on the posters uploaded onto the Event website and a winner will be selected in each poster category. Posters will be judged solely on the content displayed in the poster and not on poster author engagement with delegates. 

When will poster winners be announced?

The poster winners will be announced during the Poster Awards Ceremony which will take place on Day One of the Event.

What should I do with my poster at the end of the Event?

Posters must be removed from the Exhibition Hall by 15:00 hours on Friday 30 May. Any posters remaining after that will be discarded. We will not be responsible for posters left so please either remove your poster personally or arrange for one of your colleagues to do so.    

Do I have to exhibit my poster for both days, even though I’m only attending one day?

Yes. All posters selected for display at the NHS Scotland Event must remain on display for the duration of the Event – and one of the poster authors should be in attendance on both days of the Event to answer questions or provide additional information about the poster to delegates during refreshment breaks. Posters can only be taken down from 15:00 on Day Two. If no poster author is attending on Day Two, please inform the Event team so that alternative arrangements can be made for the removal of your poster.  

The NHS Scotland Event isn’t until the 29 and 30 May – so why do you need the final PDF by 17 April?

All posters selected for display at the NHS Scotland Event are uploaded to the Event website in advance of the Event to allow judging to take place before the Event. Delegates also appreciate an opportunity to view posters online in advance to help them plan their time at the Event. Uploading over 230 posters can take some time and we can only guarantee that your poster will be included in the judging if it is available to view on the website beforehand. That is only possible if the PDF and poster information form are submitted to us by 17 April

How do I submit my poster PDF?

Please can you submit your poster PDF by uploading it directly to the NHS Scotland Event website by no later than 17 April 2019. Detailed instructions are set out below:

  • Visit
  • Click on ‘Posters’ on the main navigation bar.  This will take you to the main posters section of the website.  You will then see the menu option on the left hand side for ‘Poster Upload’.
  • Click on ‘Poster Upload’ – this will take you to the online submission form for completion. Please note if there is more than one poster author, please click on ‘Add Author’ to include the other poster author details.
  • Once all the relevant details have been included on the form, you will be asked to upload your poster PDF.  Please note that the form includes guidance on the maximum file size allowed (which is 4 MB or less) and you will not be permitted to upload a file which exceeds the maximum allowed.

Why do you need me to complete the poster information form, when all the information will already be on the poster PDF?

There is a limit to the amount of information, for each poster, that can appear on the Event Website. The information form allows you to clarify the specific information to be displayed on the website and prevents confusion when there are multiple authors/organisations involved in the production of the poster.

Can I change any details on my poster, or the information to be displayed on the website or in the delegate guide, after the PDF has been submitted?

We would encourage poster authors to ensure that the poster PDF that they have uploaded on 17 April is the absolute final version. However, in very exceptional circumstances, the Event Team will work with poster authors to accommodate amendments if necessary. If you wish to make a change to your poster after 17 April, you will have to contact

When will my poster go live on the Event Website?

All poster PDFs will be live on the NHS Scotland Event website in the week commencing 8 May 2019.

Do I have to stand next to my poster during all the refreshment breaks?

Poster authors are asked to ensure that at least one person is available to stand by their poster at these times so that they can engage with delegates and provide additional information about the work being showcased.