Improving Type 1 Diabetes Care: It’s a Team Sport!

14:00 – 15:15

The (COVID-19) pandemic has brought unprecedented disruption across health and social care settings. The Scottish Diabetes Group and National Diabetes Managed Clinical Network (MCN) supported reforming Type 1 Diabetes (T1DM) services during the pandemic to ensure support for this high risk cohort.

This involved developing virtual services and embedding data sharing within routine care. Ensuring timely access to technologies such as insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is also key as they have been shown to improve glucose control.

In this session, delegates will hear more about the key areas that were developed during this initiative, which include:

Collaboration- The 2021 Diabetes Improvement Plan has a policy commitment to improve access to technologies. Through collaborative working with the Scottish Health Technologies Group (SHTG), these technologies were evaluated and helped identify cohorts most likely to benefit. Third sector partners, provided vital lived experience.

Efficiency - In parallel there is close collaboration with NHS National Services Scotland’s Procurement team, Scottish Government finance and the national Diabetes MCNs. Identifying demand for technologies has informed procurement contracts, optimising value and accessibility.

Person centred- Investing in optimising T1D care improves quality of life and reduces complications.

Equity- A collaborative ‘Once for Scotland’ approach limits the risk of inequality of access. Effectiveness - will utilise SCI-diabetes, to evaluate the uptake of technologies and assess access and outcomes. The NHS Research Scotland Diabetes network will develop ongoing evaluation of these technologies in practice.

Dr Anna Barnett

NHS Research Scotland Diabetes Network Manager, University of Dundee

Anna Barnett has been in the role of Diabetes Network Manager since 2017, working to increase the quantity and quality of clinical research in diabetes taking place in Scotland.

Kenny Rees

Category Manager, NSS PCF National Procurement

Kenny Rees trained as a buyer in International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) in mid 1990’s and spent nearly 10 years in various procurement roles in the electronics industry.

Professor Brian Kennon

Consultant Diabetes and Endocrinology, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Brian Kennon was appointed as a consultant diabetologist in 2004. He works at the New Victoria and Queen Elizabeth University Hospitals, Glasgow.

Angela Mitchell

National Director, Diabetes Scotland

Angela is National Director of Diabetes Scotland.  She has worked as a senior level in the third sector for over ten years with a particular interest in sustainability, health, the prevention agenda, long-term behaviour change and organising/mobilising communities.