Angela Gregg

Senior Product Manager, NES Digital, NHS Education for Scotland

A woman with shoulder length brown hair, standing in front of a red brick wall.

Angela Gregg has almost twenty years of experience in the Health and Social Care sector, having started her career in administration and Quality Assurance in Higher Education. With an academic background in Information Technology and a passion for process improvement and belief that the public sector needs to work smarter not harder, she moved into Business Analysis and the development of student information systems. Following sometime in the private sector, Angela has been with NHS Education for Scotland (NES) since 2017, where she moved into a Product Management role.

As the Senior Product Manager on Turas Care Management (TCM), she worked closely with the Scottish Government Professional Advisors, Care Home providers and other stakeholders to develop the Turas Care Management (Safety Huddle Tool) application. Angela continues to work closely with the Scottish Government, Care Home providers, Boards, Health and Social Care Partnerships, Care Inspectorate, Scottish Care and Public Health Scotland to develop the tool to help support the sector and provide useful and meaningful reporting which informs decision making across Scotland.