Hazel Robertson

Aberlour Child Care Trust

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Hazel’s journey with Aberlour began following the birth of her third child, having had a previous experience of perinatal mental health difficulties. At this time, she had input for coping strategies through the Perinatal Mental Health Team. Aberlours’ person-centred approach together with involvement from the Perinatal Mental Health Team helped her maintain progress through her recovery. This led Hazel to really positive outcomes from being withdrawn, socially isolated, very unwell and a feeling of helplessness to becoming more confident, building self-esteem and ultimately empowerment.

More importantly it helped her build more positive attachments with her children – Happy Mum, Happy Children. Through the support from Aberlour and inclusion as someone receiving services, she has been empowered to help other Mums as an Aberlour Befriender, Maternal Mental Health Change Agent, member of Forth Valley Perinatal Mental Health Network and as Maternal Mental Health Alliance Champion. Hazel is currently studying a BA in Education and Social Services.