Joanne McCoy

Manager LGOWIT, LGOWIT (Let’s Get On With It Together)

A woman with long brown/blond hair, wearing glasses.

Joanne McCoy has previously been employed across the private and third sectors as well as running her own business. Joanne has a wealth of knowledge and personal experience which enrich the work of Let’s Get On With It Together (LGOWIT). Joanne’s experience has given her a broad knowledge of inequalities being faced by people living with long-term conditions and the importance of wellbeing.

Joanne has a demonstrable track record of leading and delivering services to people living with a disability. Joanne is committed to ensuring service user focus is key to developing services and building sustainable change. Joanne’s work and the work of LGOWIT focuses on an asset-based approach to well-being which she believes is key to improving mental health and wellbeing in Highland, LGOWIT work with all long-term health conditions, ensuring everyone is represented.