Professor Sir Gregor Smith, Chief Medical Officer - Annual Report Launch

11:45 – 13:00

Professor Sir Gregor Smith, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) will take to the stage to launch this year’s Chief Medical Officer - Annual Report.

The focus of this year’s Annual Report will be on the health of our population, the route to accessing healthcare, reflections on our key priorities as we emerge from the pandemic and ambitions for the future.

Delegates attending the session will hear how recovery from the pandemic presents an opportunity to create an equal and fair system for all by showcasing the projects currently improving lives around Scotland.

In this session, delegates will have the opportunity to be the first to hear what the CMO has to say, and participate in a panel Q&A with senior contributors from across our health and care system.

Dr Stuart Hamilton

Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellow, Scottish Government

Dr Stuart Hamilton is an Emergency Medicine doctor in Edinburgh and has spent this year as a Scottish Clinical Leadership fellow with the Chief Medical Officer Directorate at Scottish Government.

Professor Sir Gregor Smith

Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, Scottish Government

Professor Sir Gregor Smith, Chief Medical Officer, has led Scotland's healthcare staff through the (COVID-19) pandemic and is aware of the impact this has had on the nation's health. First hand clinical experience in general practice has demonstrated the need for a fair and accessible health system for all.

Helen Maitland

Director of Unscheduled Care, Scottish Government

Helen is the Director for Unscheduled Care in the Health Performance & Delivery Directorate at Scottish Government. She has a long history of successfully delivering quality improvement programmes for waiting times at both National and Local level and has led on redesign and transformation of Urgent and Unscheduled Care for many years.

Professor Graham Ellis

Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Scottish Government

Professor Graham Ellis is a Geriatrician who has worked in Hospital at Home services since 2011.