Session C: Sustainable Transformation Powered by ‘Bringing it Together’

The Scottish Access Collaborative enables front line clinical teams to lead the design and development of sustainable solutions to balance capacity and demand for our services. Harnessing the principles of Realistic Medicine and shared decision-making allows clinical consensus on new pathways to develop, ensuring that patients will be seen by the most appropriate healthcare practitioner as quickly as possible.

Working as part of the National Centre for Sustainable Delivery, the principles of the Access Collaborative can shape system change, share best practice and cross-pollinate new ideas to reduce variation and delays. The principles align with the foundations of Scotland’s Re-mobilise, Recover, Re-design framework by supporting greater integration, bringing services closer to peoples’ homes, and identifying and implementing sustainable change with quality of experience for service users at the heart.

This session will show how collaborative work streams help to address workforce pressures, improve the Primary and Secondary Care interface and allow patients access to consistently high quality healthcare across Scotland.

Delegates will also learn about the Bringing it Together Virtual Development Programme, the delivery model of which was adapted in response to COVID-19. Using the virtual method of delivery has enabled the Access Collaborative to reach more clinicians and bring people together quickly and more sustainably.


Susan Donaldson

Programme Manager, Scottish Access Collaborative, Centre for Sustainable Delivery, Golden Jubilee National Hospital

Susan Donaldson joined the Scottish Access Collaborative in February 2020, as Programme Manager, and has an extensive portfolio of leadership, clinical and influencing skills. 

Vice Chair

Lindsey Mitchell

Programme Manager, Scottish Access Collaborative – Centre for Sustainable Delivery, Golden Jubilee National Hospital

Lindsey Mitchell joined the Scottish Access Collaborative in Summer 2018.


Catherine Calderwood

National Clinical Director, Centre For Sustainable Delivery, Golden Jubilee National Hospital

Formerly the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for Scotland, Catherine Calderwood started her new role in February 2021.

Elspeth Harrison

Deputy Cancer Service Manager, NHS Highland

Elspeth, currently the Deputy Cancer Service Manager for NHS Highland, graduated from The University of Edinburgh with a BA (Hons) in English and Philosophy in 2010 and from Edinburgh Napier University with an MSc in Marketing and Management in 2011.

Rosanne Macqueen

Programme Manager, Bringing it Together, Scottish Access Collaborative, Centre for Sustainable Delivery, Golden Jubilee National Hospital

Rosanne Macqueen initially qualified as a nurse in 1994, becoming a nurse tutor in 2009 and specialised in perioperative practice before moving into governance in 2012.

Derick MacRae

Cancer Service Manager, NHS Highland

Derick MacRae is the Cancer Service Manager at NHS Highland. He has a BA in Marketing from Stirling, and an MBA from Heriot Watt.

Alastair Murray

Consultant Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon, NHS Lanarkshire

Alastair Murray is a Consultant Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon working in NHS Lanarkshire and NHS Fife.

David Murray

Consultant Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, NHS Lanarkshire

David has worked in a variety of settings including elite sport, musculoskeletal physiotherapy and orthopaedics both in Scotland and abroad.

Juliette Murray

Clinical Lead, Scottish Access Collaborative / Deputy Medical Director, NHS Forth Valley

Juliette Murray is Deputy Medical Director, in NHS Forth Valley, and clinically a breast surgeon. Juliette has been the clinical lead for the Scottish Access Collaborative since 2017.