Session I: Digitally Enabled Services – Collaborative and Sustainable

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, collaboration and innovation have led to the rapid expansion of digitally enabled services. 

The session will share perspectives, outlining how the Scottish Government’s Digital Health and Care Directorate is building on its experience and successes and extending proven developments into routine services.  

The value of digital solutions is being recognised across health and care settings and digital tools and digitally- enabled pathways are being embedded into plans to re-mobilise and re-design services. 

The experience of digital health and care during the response to COVID-19 is being used to inform the work underway to refresh the Scottish Digital Health and Care strategy. The strategy, which is part of the wider digital ecosystem, including the Scottish Digital, Data and A.I. strategies, will provide the framework beyond 2021. 

The session will showcase examples from mental health and care home settings of the work which was extended during the COVID-19 response and how this will be a foundation for the future under the Digital Health and Care strategy.


Jonathan Cameron

Head of Digital Health and Care, Scottish Government

Jonathan Cameron is the Head of Digital Health and Care in Scottish Government, and is currently leading on digital COVID-19 response programmes, including the Protect Scotland app and COVID-19 Vaccinations.


Tracey Baxter

Head of Product & Delivery, NES Digital, NHS Education for Scotland

Tracey Baxter is Head of Product & Delivery at NHS Education for Scotland Digital, and has been instrumental in its transformation into an effective technology delivery function for the public sector in Scotland.

Angela Gregg

Senior Product Manager, NES Digital, NHS Education for Scotland

Angela Gregg has almost twenty years of experience in the Health and Social Care sector, having started her career in administration and Quality Assurance in Higher Education.

Chris Wright

National Advisor for Digital Mental Health, Scottish Government

Chris Wright has worked in the Scottish Government and NHS in Scotland for over seventeen years, focusing on the implantation, design and development of unique services and systems having been responsible for a number of initiatives and key developments in the field of mental health in Scotland.

George Crooks

Chief Executive, Digital Health and Care Innovation Centre

Professor George Crooks leads the organisation that is tasked with delivering innovation in digital health and care that will help Scotland’s people to live longer, healthier lives and create new jobs for the economy.