Chief Medical Officer Annual Report 2023

11:15 – 12:30

Professor Sir Gregor Smith, Chief Medical Officer Annual Report 2023 

The healthcare system in Scotland is facing significant challenges. Health inequalities are widening. Demand for services is increasing. COVID-19 and cost of living crisis have led to additional pressures.  

Practising Realistic Medicine is becoming ever more important, presenting the opportunity to delivering more sustainable, value based health and care. 

In this session, Professor Sir Gregor Smith, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) will take to the stage to launch this year’s Chief Medical Officer - Annual Report.  

The focus of this year’s report will be on the value and sustainability of health and care services, the fundamental causes of health inequalities and the current disparity in healthy life expectancy in Scotland and the links between the climate emergency and health, as well as how to deliver more environmentally sustainable care. 

In this session, delegates will have the opportunity to be the first to hear from the CMO and participate in a panel Q&A with leading experts to explore key themes and messages of the report.


Dr Patrick Farrell

Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellow, NHS Education for Scotland

Patrick is a GP Trainee based in NHS GG&C. He is currently one of the Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellows for 2022/23.

Professor Sir Gregor Smith

Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, Scottish Government

Gregor Smith is a GP and former Medical Director from Lanarkshire. He was appointed Deputy Chief Medical Officer in 2015, interim Chief Medical Officer in April 2020 and Chief Medical Officer in December 2020.

Dr Catherine Labinjoh

Realistic Medicine National Clinical Adviser, Scottish Government

Catherine Labinjoh is a general cardiologist in NHS Forth Valley and National Clinical Advisor to the Scottish Government for Realistic Medicine.

Dr Elaine Mulcahy

Director of the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change, UK Health Alliance on Climate Change (UKHACC)

Elaine Mulcahy is the director of the UKHACC, which is an alliance of 40 UK-based health organisations with a shared vision for a  just, sustainable, healthy world.

Dr Carey Lunan

GP Chair of the Scottish Deep End Project, Scottish Deep End Project

Carey worked as an NHS GP for 20 years, mostly in areas of high socio-economic deprivation, including homeless services. She is also the immediate past-Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners in Scotland.

Alison Leitch

Scottish Social Prescribing Network Lead, Edinburgh Community Link Worker Programme

Alison works as part of the Edinburgh CLW service, an early adopter of the Scottish Government CLW programme which was established in 2017.