Session G: Scaling Up, Delivering Together – How NHS24 is Meeting System & Citizen Needs Through COVID-19 & Beyond

Over the last year, the unprecedented national response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) health emergency has seen some major transformation of services across the health and care system.

NHS 24 in response to the pandemic has, over this period, radically reconfigured its services to support health and care whole system resilience. Increased demand across urgent care and mental health support has seen a substantial increase in services, workforce and digital solutions, transforming NHS 24 from primarily providing an out-of-hours response to models of care delivered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This session will provide delegates with insight as to what has been achieved in working collaboratively in a national response to COVID-19; the impact of these developments on the system and our citizens and what this might mean for re-mobilisation, recovery and re-design.

Delegates will learn of the range of developments progressed in partnership, with many walking in the shoes of others, forming the basis for planning and delivery of services that are fit for the future.


Dr Laura Ryan

Medical Director, NHS 24

In Dr Laura Ryan’s role, with NHS 24, she applies clinical expertise to develop and govern systems and processes which will support, enable and empower the Scottish population to live longer healthier lives.


John Barber

Service Development Manager, NHS 24

As a Service Development Manager, John Barber’s role is to provide change leadership on the strategic development of services.

Louise Bennie

Head of Digital, NHS 24

Louise Bennie has held a senior manager role within NHS 24, since 2011. Prior to this, Louise was seconded to Scottish Government, within the Health and Social Care directorate, managing the Alcohol Brief Intervention Programme.

Lauren Kennedy

Lead Nurse for Mental Health & Learning Disabilities, NHS 24

Lauren Kennedy is a Mental Health Nurse with over twenty years’ experience, working across a range of mental health services and educational institutions.

Gail MacGregor

Head of Clinical Services, NHS 24

Gail MacGregor is an experienced Clinician and Senior Manager with a proven record of Clinical and Operational accomplishments in an NHS setting.

Kevin McMahon

Head of Risk Management & Resilience, NHS 24

In his role within NHS 24, Kevin McMahon applies his knowledge and experience in risk management, strategic planning and resilience to support NHS 24 meet its strategic objectives and provide a safe, effective service to the population of Scotland..