Supporting Scotland in ‘Getting It Right For Everyone’ (GIRFE)

13:30 – 14:45

As Scotland’s Health and Social Care services continue to recover and renew coming out of the pandemic, Getting It Right For Everyone (GIRFE) is an example of how working together in different ways can achieve better outcomes for all.  

The Scottish Government, under the Preventative and Proactive Care (PPC) Programme, is co-designing GIRFE with place-based pathfinders across Scotland.    

In this session, delegates will find out more about how GIRFE is being co-designed, helping to ensure the delivery of high quality person-centred care for every individual in Scotland - embracing new ways of working to deliver the best care for the people of Scotland.  

Delegates will also hear first-hand from panel members about the benefits of GIRFE and how it will work in practice. 

GIRFE will help define the adult’s journey through individualised support and services, and will respect the role that everyone involved has in providing planning and support. It will support and enable a smooth transition of treatment, support and care from children and young people services to adult services.  


Joanna MacDonald

Deputy Chief Social Work Adviser, Scottish Government

Joanna joined Scottish Government in April 2021 coming from her previous role as Chief Officer in Argyll & Bute HSCP

Erik Sutherland

Head of Locality Health and Care, East Ayrshire HSCP

Erik is currently Head of Locality Health and Care within EAHSCP and has completed an honours degree in Applied Social Studies at the University of Paisley followed by a PhD at the Universities of Paisley and Glasgow.

Dougie Dunlop

Interim Social Work Lead, Fife H&SCP

Dougie is a qualified social worker and has been a Chief Social Work Officer in both Fife and Argyll and Bute.

Professor Graham Ellis

Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, Scottish Government

Professor Graham Ellis is a Geriatrician in Central Scotland and a clinician with the Hospital at Home service. He was an undergraduate in Glasgow University and has trained and worked across the West of Scotland.

Anne Armstrong

Deputy Chief Nursing Officer, Scottish Government

Anne Armstrong is currently Deputy Chief Nursing Officer at Scottish Government and previously worked in the NHS for many years both within NHS Greater Glasgow and Lanarkshire.

Professor Carolyn McDonald

Chief Allied Health Professions Officer, Scottish Government

Professor Carolyn McDonald is the Chief Allied Health Professions Officer for the Scottish Government.